Welcome to Winning Edge Bodywork

I created Winning Edge Bodywork because I believe good manual therapy is one of the most under-utilized, yet most effective methods for creating and maintaining vibrant health and an active lifestyle.
As a survivor of two roll-over car accidents and multiple concussions, I attribute my active lifestyle and overall health to regular bodywork. I know this works, because I live it!
Winning means different things to different people, but I believe we all want to win and we all want to be winners at the things that are important to us. I believe most people want to live an active, happy, healthy life. They want to be able to move through their days with ease, comfort, and passion. However you define your Winning Edge, I want to help you achieve it!
I serve clients who are challenged by moderate to severe chronic pain, who just want their active lifestyle back. Having a Winning Edge means reducing or eliminating the pain that prevents you from living a happy, active, fulfilling live.
I serve athletes looking for a competitive advantage by enhancing the body’s natural abilities through specific bodywork. Having a Winning Edge means systematically challenging your body to do and be more, and CORE Myofascial bodywork helps thousands of athletes around the world do just that!
I believe that bodywork is not only a gateway to a better functioning, pain free body, but it is also a pathway to greater possibilities in life. I offer packages and programs that are results-based, so whether you are an athlete looking for specific improvements in athletic capability, or whether you are someone wants to feel better and function with more ease in your body and your life, I can customize a bodywork program that meets your needs and gets you the results you want!
My approach is holistic and my programs involve specific bodywork sessions as well as other Body-Mind-Spirit activities and practices, resources, tools and coaching to help you reach your specific goals.
I look forward to working with you to help you achieve the Winning Edge in your life!

Author: Lisa Machala LMT

I reclaimed my health and my life by doing something radical - I left my high pressure, high status corporate career to follow my heart's calling. Since 2004 I have been on an interesting journey that continues to amaze and delight me. I am an integrative therapist. I help high achieving professional women who feel betrayed by their bodies and their lives. I help them transform their pain, stress and overwhelm into comfort, peace and clarity so they can continue to contribute at high levels.